M&G Schoinousa wedding



One of our favourite weddings of all time, a milestone for MELI parties! With over 600 guests and a long beach on the remote Cycladic island “Schoinousa", this design came as a solution to one of our main problems: how were we going to correctly light all the dinner tables while keeping things simple, in sync with the environment and without using constructions that would look out of place? The idea of hanging decorations from bamboo constructions worked in various ways as it blended in perfectly with the surroundings (colour and material wise), and allowed us to subtly light the tables and the area of the event. All of this was set up on a custom built deck on the beach, with layers and different heights to separate the dinner, buffet and dance floor areas. The hanging florals were made using dried flowers inspired by local varieties, and the bare tables were decorated with bespoke hand painted, colourful, linen runners. The flower prints and hanging flowers meant we didn’t need more floral arrangements on the tables, allowing for hundreds of candles and an overall alternative wedding look!

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