K&K Athenian Riviera pre-wedding & Sinterina wedding



A 2 day wedding celebration! The pre-wedding took place at a seaside location on the Athenian Riviera, where the Greek theme was present with traditional dances, breaking plates, white & blue details but also enriched with colourful arrangements. The wedding, which took place at our private estate in the countryside called “Sinterina”, was the perfect balance of elegance and over the top, fun design. The earthy linens and bare wooden tables were combined with exotic touches such as fruit and vibrant flowers, colourful stoneware and details that reflected the bride’s personality and upbringing. Everything was done in a subtle manner, and the crowd partied hard until the morning hours! Below, a text from our celebrant Sarah:

The day their stars aligned! A destination wedding in Greece to remember.

The day I met this wonderful young couple ‘virtually’ online, really changed my life! From the first moment I felt a truly amazing connection with Kinza, a beautiful, sweet, fun loving soul!  Known to her family and friends as Kiki, and with family roots deeply set in both Greece and Egypt, she had chosen to get married out in the beautiful Greek countryside at a one of a kind stone built family home owned by the Mitsopoulos family and the wedding was organised and planned by Meli Parties, with Dimitri and Nitta and their fabulous team.

Kiki and her groom, Karim, decided to have me write the ceremony, the idea being that a close family member would officiate the wedding on the day. Of course, I was up for the challenge! Over a number of weeks, the script was written, to include their epic love story!  This ceremony was to be non-religious, the families had mixed beliefs and the main guide was to ensure that nobody was offended in anyway. For this young couple it was all about their family and friends.

As a celebrant, my job, although to be honest, it doesn’t feel like work, is to write a unique ceremony in the style that the couple, has always dreamed of and as I got to know Kiki and Karim, I realised that their ceremony was all about fate, love, and that little something that brings two people together which really cannot be understood on a human level.  Karim had created a wonderful website for the wedding, initially planned to have a Star Wars theme, but as he said himself, ‘the Jedi didn’t make the cut’ however he truly believed that the universe and stars were an integral part of their story, and the romantic message he left for his bride to be was ‘out of this world’.

As we counted down the days and the wedding day drew nearer, I got an e mail from Kiki, asking me to come to Athens and perform the wedding ceremony for them, saying ‘we all agreed that it would be best if you could officiate our ceremony, are you still available to come’? I just couldn’t believe it, I was so excited, immediate reply to Kiki, of course yes!!!!

It was decided that Danny, one of Kiki’s Godfathers would stand up with me and also play an important role, he would help this beautiful couple with their vows, and their ring exchange, and he was the perfect choice!  

The majority of the family and friends at this amazing wedding were staying in the Grand Resort Lagonissi, a stunning hotel situated right on the coast, in the area of Athens generally known as the Athenian Riviera. From the moment I arrived, I was treated like family and I felt like it too!  It was an amazingly colourful group of family and friends, with people attending from all over this wonderful world.  So many beautiful young people, with an array of fabulous outfits and an eclectic group of parents, it was going to be my job to make sure that this wedding ceremony was something truly memorable, and that was exactly what I was going to do!

A wedding rehearsal was planned for the day prior to the wedding, a coach was booked, a 50 seater, and off we went! To be honest, I really hadn’t any idea of exactly where we were going or that the venue was a private house, but we travelled through some beautiful rugged Greek countryside, the bougainvillea were in bloom, the sea views amazing and after about 25 minutes we arrived, in what really seemed like the middle of nowhere!

Now this rehearsal was planned as the bridal party was large to say the least, I guess I have neglected to mention that the wedding guests numbered 450, and the procession into the ceremony would involve about 20 bridesmaids and groomsmen and several flower girls and pages. As we set off to find the ceremony area, it was incredibly hot, although this wedding was mid-June, this area of Greece was subject to a heatwave, and this rehearsal was around midday, meaning it really couldn’t get any hotter!!!! The garden was so green, the lawn perfect, and the couple were to stand on some steps just in front of a stone archway, it really was like something out of a movie.  

Rehearsal sorted, back to base, Karim and Kiki then asked me if I would also act as Master of Ceremonies for the evening do, once more, I immediately agreed and they also invited me to their pre wedding party to be held at the glorious Riviera Coast located in Voula.  This party with live music, a DJ and some fabulous cocktails, tasty elegant Greek meze, filmed by drones, took place as the sun set over the blue waters. As I sat people watching, I could only wonder what the wedding party itself would be like, and if it would out do this fabulous evening.

One of the highlights for me was the trip to the wedding with the Groom and Groomsmen, we all hopped in to a shiny, cool deluxe minibus, the boys got out their speaker, music started playing and the atmosphere was set, this is where I felt rather old, so many songs came from my era, but travelling with this handsome group of young men made me feel a bit like a Granny!

On arrival the venue was ready, rows of white benches had been set out on the lawn, flower arches constructed and decorated by Pavlos Roussiakis and his team from the one of a kind Pavlos the flower workshop, and the ceremony area was full of his creations, so perfectly styled, simple, natural, elegance are words that come to mind with all the flowers at this amazing wedding.

The tables were laid and decorated all with colourful floral centrepieces, Nitta was in total control of a huge team of people, making sure everything was organised to plan, my goodness not an easy job, but she did it perfectly! Flood the floor a UK band had been flown in, and were doing sound checks as we arrived, and this really set up a party atmosphere.  There ceremony was amazing, we had close family taking part, there were speeches that made us shed a tear, the vows were moving, the music fabulous and we included a First Kiss Last Kiss, with the two mothers just before the couple exchanged their wedding bands, and I don’t think there was a ‘dry eye in the house’.

From ceremony, to party time, and I really must mention the cake, this was a work of art, made up of loukoumades, a traditional Greek delicacy steeped in honey, this wonderful creation towered over the bride and groom as they cut it, and was probably the most impressive wedding cake I personally have ever seen! As well as a lively set from Flood the Floor, there was a great DJ too, and such a perfect choice of music for this event. There were more moving speeches during the evening, and once the cake was cut and the party really going strong, I decided it was time to make my exit.

Karim and Kiki, thank you both so much for letting me be a part of your wedding, I will never forget it. I love being a celebrant in Greece, I feel it is a calling, in all my working life, I have never enjoyed something more than this.  Till we meet again, Greece or Cairo, I wish you and your fabulous family and friends all the best, Grecian Ceremonies, creating lifelong memories!

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